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WAXPEER is a marketplace for items and skins for CS:GO, Dota2, TF2, VGO, vIRL, GAME, etc. WAXPEER is a P2P (player-to-player) system that allows you to trade skins for these games without any intermediaries or bot accounts. It’s very convenient and considerably reduces the time it takes to transfer skins to another player. Our company’s slogan is “WAXPEER is the next lvl marketplace” because that is our goal.

As soon as you put up your skin for sale with WAXPEER, your item appears on ALL sites in the system to help your skin sell as quickly as possible. In the future you will be able to choose the sites where you want to sell your skin.

Why is WAXPEER better than other marketplaces?

1. WAXPEER is one project that combines CS:GO skins with many traders, marketplaces, trading sites etc. Marketplace owners can allow their customers to sell skins on WAXPEER, and sell skins from customers of other WAXPEER marketplaces as well. It’s very convenient and eventually with the development of the system, more and more clients will be in the P2P ecosystem, and it will open up a huge new market where you can implement such ideas as skin rental, trading, CS:GO trading vs virtual skins, and many more. It brings back the CS:GO market to its former glory.

2. The system has an API that can be easily connected by any projects.

3. Any site can sell CS:GO skins from their customers and earn money doing so. Site owners use the WAXPEER system as a backend to get access to an extensive database of skins.

4. Sellers pay low commission fees at only 5.99%

5. Traders are protected from bots sniping the best deals. Usually when a skin for 70% of the average price appears on a marketplace, traders automatically purchase this item and sell it for 80% (covering the commission fee and earning on the price difference). It is done automatically and depends on program settings. This makes it quite difficult for an ordinary buyer to get a skin at a substantial discount. For example, the seller of a skin who is in urgent need of money may sell a $100 skin for for 70% of its price ($70). Botters immediately buy it and then put it up for sale for 85–90%. This happens on a regular basis in the traditional market. However such activities are not so easy on the P2P market, as there are external factors (such as a 7-day block) available here and the item price can considerably change over these 7 days + the sale period of the item. This is surely not a 100% solution to the problem, but the chance to catch a profitable skin on the P2P market is much higher than on the traditional one.

6. WAXPEER is a convenient way to sell CS:GO skins. The entire process is performed in two clicks. It’s completely safe, as all trade verifications are done by means of the STEAM API key (as well as many additional internal checks and verifications), and it completely eliminates any chance of fraud.

7. As a nice bonus, you can play with CSGO skins that are currently on sale. With a traditional marketplace, you send the item and wait for at least 7 days before having it back and then you wait for another 7 days until you can put it up for sale again. All this time (if the skin has not been sold), you do not have the opportunity to play with your skin. We’re sure you agree that it would be great to play with AWP DRAGON LORE and sell it at the same time =)

8. Your items are controlled by you. Your skins are in your Steam inventory. You will not lose the item because of a third-party mistake, blocking of bots, blocking of the account on the service. As of today, this is the only 100% safe and secure service where you can be sure that only you are in charge of your skin.

How to sell my CS:GO skin by means of WAXPEER system?


There are several options for selling CS:GO skins:

Right now you can sell your CS:GO skins through the browser extension explained below. The mobile app and desktop app are under development.

1. Download the extension for GOOGLE CHROME here WaxPeer Extension for P2P
Add to Chrome

Great. Extension is installed! Half the work is done!

Then the extension checks if you have a STEAM API KEY, and if you do not, it automatically generates it on the page. If your account does not have a balance of at least $5 or any game purchased for this amount, you won’t be able to create the API KEY and use the service so please ensure your account meets this criteria.

API KEY in the screenshot is smeared

When you’re authorized on the WAXPEER website ( use STEAM for authorization through wax all accsess)

Go to the WAXPEER profile page and install the STEAM API KEY

Add your KEY API

Done! The system is fully operational. You are free to trade.

Next, go to the WAXPEER sales page for STEAM skins:

If you see that the P2P status and the sell status have already turned green, then the system is completely ready for use.


Then select skins you want to sell and list them for sale by clicking the Sell items button.

Choose the price you want to sell for and click on CONFIRM

After you’ve clicked on CONFIRM, the item appears on sale on all sites in 10 seconds.

You can see what items are on sale here.

When you’ve purchased your skin, you will receive a sound notification, as well as a notification on your desktop. After that, the system will AUTOMATICALLY create a trade for you and you just have to confirm it on the phone. It’s really simple — you hear the sound of a purchase, then open the phone and confirm your trade. You can see what items are awaiting confirmation on this page:

Done! Your item was sent to the buyer, and he accepted it. If the buyer has not accepted the item, then your skin will be back for sale again, and the buyer will receive penalty points.

It’s really very convenient and fast! In the future, there will be dozens of programs making the transfer of skins much easier. We are sure the trade will be fully automatic within the coming months. Any confirmation of transactions will be done by means of programs.




How to buy CS:GO skin on P2P system using WAXPEER?
That’s pretty easy. Choose a skin on a WAXPEER marketplace (for example, on OPSkins).

Click on BUY NOW and set the Steam trade URL. When the seller sends the trade, OPSkins will notify you, and you will have to accept this trade.

It is legit? What to do if any problems arise?

Since WAXPEER uses your personal Steam account, you’ve purchased a skin and this skin is yours. Your account does not violate Steam rules. Actually you give the skin to another person as a gift. Think of how many large sites perform hundreds and thousands of transactions daily using a STEAM account? Bitskins, Lootfarm and lots of other sites. All STEAM accounts that belong to these projects have been working for several years and they have no problems at all. Every month hundreds of thousands of skins go through each of the accounts of these projects. It means that your Steam account is no different than the others. Moreover, your personal Steam account cannot be called a bot, because you play with it, you communicate with friends, you make trades. All accounts are bots on traditional marketplaces — and it’s no secret. So why are their accounts able to freely accept hundreds of thousands of skins from any users, and you somehow will not be allowed to trade your favorite AWP ASIIMOV?

Is this the first P2P project in the world?

Certainly not. After multiple locks in China 2016–2017, the Chinese market started using the P2P system, and it had happened before the 7-day trade lock on all CS:GO item trades. It worked out well and is developing now very quickly. But all these projects operate separately. The goal of WAXPEER is to combine all independent projects with the P2P system into one common base; and WAXPEER can also work as an independent site, because it has its own P2P system. Due to monopolies, traditional marketplaces set exorbitant fees for sales and opt for maximizing work profits on a regular basis.


We have been working very hard to create this project. We didn’t get enough sleep, we drank tons of coffee, we gave it a great deal of thought and have been constantly improving our system. At a minimum, our goal is to build a convenient and enjoyable service where you can quickly, easily and safely sell your CS:GO and other skins by means of the P2P system. Our maximum goal is to build a large-scale ecosystem that will bring the CS:GO market back. To create the largest P2P project that incorporates lots of marketplaces from many different countries.



WAXPEER | P2P Marketplace for CSGO/DOTA2/VGO/vIRL WAXPEER is a P2P (player-to-player) system that allows you to trade skins for these games without any intermed

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WAXPEER | P2P Marketplace for CSGO/DOTA2/VGO/vIRL WAXPEER is a P2P (player-to-player) system that allows you to trade skins for these games without any intermed